Sunday Homework

Ninjatrader 8 keeps crashing so I keep loosing my notes on these charts. I am a buyer of the 3696ish level and will look to start shorting the 3780ish level up to 3850. The daily $spx is overbought and the market is in a bit up on uptrend. This would be a good time to see if we get a fade or breather for a few weeks. I might look at selling some calls to finance buying SPY puts as well. Something to get a hedge into February.

ES 03-21 (240 Minute) 2021_01_03 (3_49_24 PM).png
ES-emini S&P500 March future

Ninjatrader 8 and Inertactive Brokers

I have been using Ninjatrader (NT) and it’s version 7 since I started trading futures. I use this to route orders via the API to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation (TWS). I think Interactive Brokers (IB) is one the better futures and all around brokers you can use for active trading. I used to recommend both for new futures traders. That is not longer the case. I think Interactive is solid. Ninjatrader’s NT8 version is still buggy and especially so with IB.

My use of NT7 stopped a few weeks ago because of data issues and I have finally migrated to NT8. NT has been reducing their own support for IB over the years as they keep trying to push clients to their in-house broker. They keep the connections “working” to IB because too many clients still do more than just trade futures. But they continue to NOT support IB’s latest TWS builds and functionally. They also seem to have removed reconnection support when IB does it’s nightly server reboots.

NT7 used to reconnect when IB came back online around 00:45 ET. and the charts rendered correctly and you were able to submit orders without any issues. NT8 just flat stops working. You have to close the program, reopen it and download all the missing data. This is even with a Kinetic connection as historical data.

Could that and NT8 after these years still seems to be buggy enough to crash once every other day and I will no longer be recommending their platform for new traders. I will also be looking at options for it’s replacement.

Sunday Homework

My version of Ninjatrader 7 packed it in last Thursday so am migrating to NT 8. But lost all of my workspaces and chart notes so starting over. I am not sure if I like the darker screens, but will see for now.

ES four hour chart.

ES 03-21 (240 Minute) 2020_12_20 (11_00_52 AM).png

Sunday Homework

We are too close to the Dec roll for swings, but would look to start shorting the March ES contract with new prints over 3700 and keep adding up to 3750. This time of year is reasonably bullish and would buy any 4-5% pullbacks into Christmas.

ES 12-20 (240 Min)  12_4_2020.jpg
ES S&P Emini December 2020 futures contract

Sunday Homework

I do this for me and will still be doing it for me, but won’t be posting it anymore here. Good luck and Merry Christmas to everyone.

We are forming a pretty defined channel on the four hour. I would think you are going to get a chance to short the upper side of that channel soon. Call it 3680-3700.

ES 12-20 (240 Min)  11_27_2020.jpg

Sunday Homework

No real direction. Bulls need to prove themselves by taking 3640ish and bears need 3500. We are just ranging until that happens. The 5 minute is a bit interesting. Why did that 3542ish area hold? That should have been really week and fallen down to 3500.

ES 4 hour chart

ES 12-20 (240 Min)  11_20_2020.jpg

ES 5 minute chart

ES 12-20 (5 Min)  11_20_2020.jpg

4 Hour ES Chart

Possible head and shoulders on this timeframe. I know it’s not a “true” H&S but it gives us something to think about. Bulls need this over that right neckline with energy so a 1 tic of 3565 probably won’t do it, but a break of 70 to 75 might. A breakdown of the right shoulder should take you to the middle of the left shoulder and possible the bottom

ES 12-20 (240 Min)  11_10_2020.jpg