ESH20 Sunday Homework

I do some charting every Sunday morning to get a feel for what I might see next week. I usually start with a 240 minute chart with just trend lines and support and resistance levels. No indicators. Then look at the 60 and 5 minute. I make note on these charts and see what jumps out at me. The 240 is not really showing much . The long term trend is still up. The bears need to get the price below 3200 to really change that over the next 1-3 weeks. The 60 Shows that a retest of the top of that downward channel break would be pretty normal. The 5 minute has stuck shorts at the 3226/27 level. That would be my best bet for a scalp to get runners in place for higher.

240 Minute ES E-mini futures chart
60 minute ES e-mini futures chart
5 Minute ES E-mini futures chart

You may view the full sized images here

I post these up at that location usually every Sunday. I also posts charts at that location during the week and on Sunday deleted the intra-week ones from the previous weeks. I only leave up the ones from the previous Sunday.

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