Sunday e-mini futures homework

The ES is still in an overall uptrend. That trend is intact unless the bears can get it back under 3175. There was a naked 24 TPOC left behind on Friday around 3285ish. We should visit that again shortly if the bears cann take the Thursday low around 57.50ish.

Earnings start next week.

Daily ESH19 Chart with comments

ES 03-20 (Daily)  9_13_2019 - 1_13_2020.jpg

ESH19 4 hour futures chart with comments

ES 03-20 (240 Min)  1_12_2020.jpg

ESH19 24 hour profile chart

ES 03-20 (30 Min)  1_12_2020.jpg

Tactical 5 minute ESH19 futures chart 3250ish area is VERY interesting

ES 03-20 (5 Min)  1_12_2020.jpg

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