Sunday Homework ESH20

The bears won the day on Friday. That is a pretty ugly reversal candle of the daily. This still, to me, appears to be a news based selloff. That means we should get back to the scene of the crime at some point.

For now, the bears won. It is up to the bulls to prove them right or wrong. This is more bearish than bullish until that scene of the crime is resolved around 3325ish

Other than this swing, nothing is yelling “Do something” on any timeframe


ES 03-20 (Daily)  10_17_2019 - 1_26_2020.jpg

Four hour

ES 03-20 (240 Min)  1_26_2020.jpg

30 minute profile charts

ES 03-20 (30 Min)  1_24_2020.jpg

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