Still more worry about the virus in China and that speech from Fed Chair Powell. The news is going a good job of scaring the sheep into selling. Biggest earning day of the year today. They stuck shorts at 3265 were saved after the close yesterday and that was good for a few points. Falling wedge on the five minute. Daily stochastics almost oversold on the SPX cash.

Possible H&S forming on the 4 hour.

I would be a buyer at 3225 to see if that wedge breaks higher. Would offer 3262 where the HTF player came in during the overnight..

This is short the pops until the bulls can regain 3295

ES 03-20 (240 Min)  1_30_2020.jpg
ES 03-20 (30 Min)  1_30_2020.jpg
ES 03-20 (5 Min)  1_30_2020.jpg

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