6 thoughts on “Diaper 2

  1. This is brilliant, I used it today exclusively on just 6 ES at a time, up big. Thank you VERY much for your site and direction.

  2. Hey Kheldar,

    I have noticed that using this strategy, sometimes if the candle preceding the smaller one has longer wick than the small one, the “bounce occurs there” as the stucks are getting out then, does that make sense? So if the wick is longer I set my order there but its slightly higher than were the small candle wick is. I know its not an exact science but just checking to see if I understand correctly. Thank you kindly!

    1. I do not really understand the question. I am looking for a candle 4-5 times larger than the candle before it. And placing a buy order within that candle about where it cleared the candle before it. I am not using Japanese candlesticks so I don’t see the wicks.

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