Possible Hedge 2

This is a position for if things go really badly from here until and after the elections. Sold the November 20 SPY 360 CALLS for an average of 4.08 . I used that money to buy the November 20 270 SPY puts for an average of 3.68. I am keeping a net credit of .40 per position. I have 50 on right now. This gives me unlimited upside gain if the market REALLY crashes and my risk is if the S&P 500 gets over 3600 by that date. So about 250 handles higher from here, so I get PAID to put this position on in my account. It is a free hedge. It does tie up margin and I might buy the 375 calls if I can get them for under 40 cents a contract.

2 thoughts on “Possible Hedge 2

    1. Yes this ties up about $4600 in margin per position with Interactive Brokers. Less than half of their ES futures margins right now for a free hedge.

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