Sunday Homework

I am still in the penalty box for that loss on that hedge until Tuesday, but I will put up some quick thoughts. Bears got a win on Thursday and tried to get it to continue into Friday. Bulls stepped in around the 3350 level which was about 6.75% off the high from Wednesday of 3590. I still think the market is overall bullish over 3317. However, it’s up to the bulls to prove themselves. This is short the pops until price gets back over 3490 or so. There are stuck longs around 3550 that need to get resolved at some point. You also have a naked TPO HVN on the 24 hour node around 3450ish. Nothing jumping out saying do something here. All the diapers on the 5 minute are played out.

Four hour ES chart with notes

ES 09-20 (240 Min)  9_4_2020.jpg

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