About Me

I am a futures trader from outside of Charlotte, NC. I have been trading futures since 2012. My mother had passed and that gave me extra capital to deploy into more speculative ventures. I had been trading stocks since the Dot com era.

I found a website about futures via YouTube https://home.daytradingradio.com/ I joined and started hanging in their futures chat rooms. I am now a moderator at that website. My handle is Kheldar . The hosts used to do a good job at technical analysis for stocks and futures. You can still learn about them via classes, the forums and the other users on that website.

My first year out, I blindly followed other traders in the room and ended up losing a tad of $30,000. I picked myself up figured out what worked for ME as a trader. Now I trade 25 lot starting positions in the ES and generally do 3-5 handles a day.

I live by the motto, “Have a plan. Trade the plan. Trade to win” It is never how many trades you take per day. It how many GOOD trades you take per day. A good trade can also be taking your stop and admitting you were incorrect in your trade.

I will try to share my methodologies on this website. I will also make comments about what jumps out at me on the charts. Use this information at YOUR OWN RISK. I take no responsibility for YOUR trades