Automated Strategy End

This is an update to this strategy analyzer report.


So I turned this on for a real market last Sunday and it took a $10,000 sim account down to a $4200 sim account in a week. I would call that a fail.

I expected this to happen. This was more of a lesson that you should be careful of people selling automated trading tools with only hypothetical results.

Automated Strategies 2

This is a strategy I once coded on a unirenko chart. This is plotted on the ES I had originally written this for CL but because IB does not backfil historical data, I have plotted this with the ES on the Pointanfigure chart

I do this is in my spare time I look at different chart types to see if something jumps outs at me and then see if I can code NT to be able to analyze if it would actually work. That way I don’t have to got back through years of charts manually.


This was the functionality test. Did this actually work and plot on a chart. If yes, move onto the Strategy Analyzer. That is this picture


This goes back to January 1, 2020 So about 6 months. 1.5million or so in 5 months. Now you are are excited. You have discovered the holy grail. You are going to be rich.

That is not how it works. Ninja-trader does a horrible job of back testing charts that are NOT time based.

However, it looks promising. Too promising to actual use.

So I have setup a dummy sim account in NT. I have called this BOT2 with a balance of 10,000.. I will run this for a week to see how it looks. Back testing showed it only had 3 losing days over 6 months (bullshit) so if I have more than 2 this week, this is a failed strategy.

Now if it works, then I could sell this bot. I would do that by first showing you the simulated performance report, a live performance report with real cash and then you would have data as to whether you wanted to buy it.

We will see how the week progresses.

Bot Balance $10,000